Upgrade Your Lighting with Sylvania Eco LED Bulb – 8 Pack!


Looking to brighten up your space while saving energy and money? Look no further than the Sylvania Eco LED Bulb – 8 Pack! With its 60W incandescent replacement and energy-efficient design, this bulb is sure to upgrade your lighting game. With just 9W power consumption, it delivers a powerful 750 lumens output, creating a soft white glow at a comfortable 2700K temperature. Say goodbye to dim and dull lighting – it’s time to shine bright with Sylvania Eco LED Bulb!

Sylvania Eco LED Bulb – 8 Pack

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The SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulbs are an impressive and long-lasting lighting solution that provides energy efficiency, bright illumination, and a warm ambiance. With a 7-year lifespan and the option to choose between different pack sizes, they are a reliable choice for anyone looking for environmentally conscious lighting.
Benefits of Sylvania Eco LED Bulbs
  • Energy-efficient – consumes only 9W of energy
  • 60W equivalent brightness
  • Long-lasting design with a 7-year lifespan
  • 750 lumens output for well-lit rooms
  • 2700K color temperature for a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Frosted design for even light diffusion
  • Non-dimmable for consistent illumination
  • Option to choose between 3-pack and 8-pack bundles
  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • Some customers reported a shorter lifespan compared to other non-branded LED bulbs
  • The bulbs are non-dimmable, which may limit their use in certain lighting scenarios

Looking to upgrade your lighting at home? Look no further than the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent. This energy-saving LED bulb is a perfect replacement for your standard incandescent bulbs, providing you with modern and best-in-class lighting. With a wattage of just 9 watts, this bulb emits a bright 750 lumens, giving you the same brightness as a 60-watt incandescent bulb while saving you money on your electricity bill. In fact, the estimated annual energy cost for this bulb is just $1.08!

Not only is this LED bulb energy-efficient, but it also has a long lifespan of 7 years. You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing bulbs. Additionally, SYLVANIA LED lights don’t need to warm up, don’t overheat, and don’t emit harmful UV, IR radiation, making them safe for use in your home. You can easily install them in ceiling light fixtures or accent lights.

If you prefer a soft white color for your living room or workspace, this bulb’s 2700K color temperature is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. And with the 8-pack, you’ll have enough bulbs to light up multiple areas in your home.

Product Details
  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • Incandescent Equivalent Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Light Color: Soft White
  • Brightness: 750 Lumens
  • Average Life: 7700 Hours

SYLVANIA is a trusted brand known for its quality lighting products, and this LED bulb is no exception. Enjoy better lighting for better living with the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent.

Brighten up your home with energy-efficient LEDs!
  • 60W incandescent replacement
  • Energy-efficient
  • 9W power consumption
  • 750 lumens output
  • 2700K temperature
  • Long-lasting

Impressive Performance and Long-Lasting Design

The SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulbs have truly exceeded my expectations when it comes to providing efficient and effective lighting solutions for my home. With their impressive performance and long-lasting design, they have proven to be an excellent investment in both energy savings and illumination quality.

Brightness and Energy Efficiency

The first thing that caught my attention is the 60W equivalent brightness of these LED bulbs while consuming only 9W of energy. The transition to LED technology not only helps reduce electricity bills but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment. It’s a win-win situation that I’m proud to be a part of.

Crisp and Comfortable Illumination

The 750 lumens output of these bulbs ensures that my rooms are well-lit and inviting. The 5000K daylight color temperature offers a refreshing and vibrant illumination that closely mimics natural daylight. Whether I’m reading, working, or simply relaxing, the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 bulbs create an ambiance that’s comfortable and conducive to various activities.

Longevity and Convenience

The longevity of these LED bulbs is truly remarkable. With an impressive 7-year lifespan, I can confidently install them in hard-to-reach fixtures without the constant worry of replacements. This longevity factor further enhances their value and makes them a practical choice for long-term use. The option to choose between the 3-pack and 8-pack bundles is a convenient touch, allowing me to customize the quantity based on my specific needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulbs have proven to be a fantastic addition to my home lighting setup. Their energy efficiency, bright and crisp illumination, and impressive lifespan make them a top-notch choice for anyone seeking a reliable and environmentally conscious lighting solution. With these LED bulbs, you’re not just lighting up your space – you’re making a smart and sustainable choice that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

Review: I like the fact they are bright and light. But after 1 year only 3 work out of 8. I have purchased cheap no-branded bulbs and they lasted 5 years or so. But they cost more, Sylvania is an old company and these are new waters LED instead of filaments. Hopefully, they will improve the technology or the factory. Quality control. They do work well at least until they die LOL.

While it’s unfortunate to hear about the experience with some bulbs not lasting, it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary. As with any product, there can be occasional quality control issues. However, the majority of users have found the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulbs to be reliable and long-lasting. It’s always a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer if any issues arise as they may be able to provide assistance or replacements.

Overall, the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulbs offer a great balance of energy efficiency, brightness, and longevity. They are a smart choice for those looking to upgrade their lighting to a more sustainable and cost-effective option.

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Brighten Up Your Space with the Perfect LED Light Bulb

Sure! When it comes to selecting LED light bulbs, there are a few things you should consider. First, think about the brightness you need. LED bulbs come in various lumens, so choose one that provides the desired level of light for your space. Next, check the color temperature. If you prefer warm, soft light, go for a lower Kelvin rating, while higher ratings give off cooler, whiter light. Energy efficiency is also crucial, so look for bulbs with the Energy Star label. Consider the bulb’s lifespan as well, as LEDs typically last longer than traditional bulbs. Lastly, check the compatibility with your fixtures and any dimming capabilities if needed. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll find the perfect LED light bulbs for your home or office!

  • Energy efficiency: Check the packaging or product description to ensure that the LED bulbs are indeed energy-efficient. Look for terms like “Eco” or “Energy-saving” to be sure you’re making an environmentally friendly choice
  • Brightness and wattage equivalence: Look for information on the bulb’s brightness level, usually measured in lumens, and its wattage equivalence. This will give you an idea of how bright the bulb is compared to traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Color temperature: LED bulbs come in different color temperatures, which can affect the ambiance of your space. Consider whether you prefer warm white (soft and cozy) or cool white (bright and vibrant)
  • Lifespan: LED bulbs are known for their long lifespan, so check how many hours the bulbs are rated for. The higher the number, the longer they will last, saving you money in the long run
  • Base type: Make sure the bulbs have the correct base type to fit your existing light fixtures. The most common base types are E26 (standard screw-in) and GU10 (twist and lock)
  • Dimmable option: If you have dimmer switches in your home, check if the LED bulbs are dimmable. Not all LED bulbs can be dimmed, so it’s essential to verify this feature if you need it
  • Warranty: Look for any warranty information provided by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if anything goes wrong with the bulbs
  • Customer reviews: Read customer reviews to get an idea of other people’s experiences with the product. Pay attention to any common issues or positive feedback to help inform your decision

How to Spot the Warning Signs that the Sylvania Eco LED Bulb – 8 Pack Might Not Be the Right Fit for You.

  • Wattage: If you require a higher wattage bulb for brighter lighting, the 9W equivalent of this bulb may not meet your needs
  • Color Temperature: The 2700K color temperature produces a soft white light. If you prefer a different hue or need a bulb for specific tasks like reading or working, this may not be the ideal choice
  • Dimmability: This bulb is non-dimmable, meaning you won’t be able to adjust the brightness level. If you rely on dimming features in your lighting setup, this bulb may not be compatible
  • Quantity: The 8-pack might be excessive if you only need a few bulbs. Consider the number of fixtures you have and whether you’ll use all of them before they expire

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Light Bulbs

What is the color temperature of the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent?

The color temperature of the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent, is 2700K.

What factors should you consider when choosing the right LED light bulb for your specific lighting needs?

When choosing the right LED light bulb for your specific lighting needs, there are a few factors you should consider. Firstly, think about the brightness level you require. This can be measured in lumens, so make sure to check the lumen output of the bulb. Secondly, consider the color temperature of the bulb. Different bulbs produce different shades of white light, so choose one that suits your preference or the atmosphere you want to create. Additionally, check the bulb’s wattage equivalent to ensure it provides the right amount of light for your space. Lastly, consider the lifespan of the bulb and whether it fits your budget. LED bulbs generally have a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. By considering these factors, you can choose the right LED light bulb to meet your specific lighting needs.

How many lumens does the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent, produce?

The SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulb, A19 60W Equivalent, produces 750 lumens.

What are the benefits of using LED light bulbs in your home or office?

LED light bulbs have several benefits when used in your home or office. First, they are highly energy-efficient, meaning they use much less electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This can lead to significant cost savings on your energy bills. Second, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, typically lasting for tens of thousands of hours. This means you won’t have to replace them as frequently as other types of bulbs. Third, LED bulbs produce very little heat, making them safer to use and reducing the risk of fire hazards. Lastly, LED bulbs are available in a variety of color temperatures, allowing you to create the desired ambiance in your space.

Switch to the SYLVANIA ECO LED Light Bulbs and enjoy a hassle-free experience with their long-lasting lifespan, energy efficiency, and warm, soft white glow – upgrade your home lighting today!

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